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Take a look at what you’ll learn throughout the weekly classes and how it will help you take real steps toward becoming a world traveler.
More countries. More experiences. More fun.


Overcome the Money Obstacle
Start traveling the world, even if you don't make much money

  • How I have earned virtually free flights to Africa, Europe, South America, and all over the U.S. - including Hawaii - and step-by-step instructions for how you can do the same without having to fly or spend more money than you already do
  • How I have saved money on lodging on virtually every trip I've taken (total value in the thousands of dollars)--and step-by-step instructions for what I did
  • How I got rid of my debt and reduced my bills so I could travel more
  • How I reduce my costs while traveling - without reducing my fun
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Overcome the Responsibility Obstacle
Discover the options for handling family, pets, second jobs and more

  • How to handle extra responsibilities such as coaching, leading a choir, and community commitments when you want to travel more
  • What I do when I have pets, plants, and other things back home that need attention
  • How to get around the "obligatory" family holidays 
  • Traveling with kids and unadventurous spouses
  • How to re-design your life for more flexibility to travel
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Overcome the Fear Obstacle
Deal with language barriers, safety concerns and emergencies

  • Why travel is actually much safer than what many think, and how the myth that travel is dangerous gets perpetuated--and what specific things you can do to increase your safety
  • Health tips for travelers
  • Popular scams tourists encounter, and how you can avoid them
  • How to find safe food and water--including food that meets your dietary needs--when you travel
  •  Practical tips for communicating when you don't speak the language
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Travel Logistics
How to plan the nitty gritty details of an international trip

  • How to obtain appropriate visas, vaccines, etc.
  • What and how to pack to make the trip go smoothly
  • The logistics of long-term travel; how to travel away from home for a month or longer.
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 One-on-one consulting session with me

Ask me any questions you want during our one-on-one phone session.  I can help you brainstorm and navigate your way through the obstacles holding you back from taking your dream trip.   This bonus will ONLY be offered to those who sign up during this initial launch!  I will not be offering this in the future!  Limited to the first 30 students!

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All Back Issues of TBE Magazine

For a year I published Travel Beyond Excuse Magazine and got some great articles from travel experts.  These back issues now sell in PDF format for $2.99 each (except for one issue, which is free), and I will send you all of them for free. 

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Updates for Life

Any time I make an update or addition to this course--no matter how small or great--you'll get it for free!  

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Recorded Classes

I'll be recording all of my live classes, so if you miss one or want to review, you can listen to the recording later!


Super Practical Materials

Resource manual, worksheets and checklists to accompany each lesson and make your travel planning easier!


100% Guarantee

You'll learn at least one thing in this course that will save you ten times your investment when you travel.  If you don't feel that's true for you after you've taken this entire class, ask for your money back and you'll get it, no hard feelings.


Normally $97 - Today Only $47