How To: Couchsurf
Image credit: ChazWags

Image credit: ChazWags

I was first introduced to the concept in late 2005, just months before a planned trip to West Africa, with a multi-day stopover in Paris on the way home. 

“Have you ever heard of Global Freeloaders?” a friend asked me.

I laughed.  “No…what is it?”

“It’s a community of travelers that host other travelers for free in their homes, all over the world.”

I was instantly in love with the idea and quickly signed on.  I filled out a profile and listed myself as a host, even though my house was a rickety shack in an out-of-the-way location in Small Town, eastern Colorado.

I then began scanning the profiles of members in Paris, France, More…

How To: Earn Frequent Flyer Miles

I have literally flown all over the world on Frequent Flyer Miles, including to Benin (in West Africa), France, Ecuador, Mexico, Hawaii, and all over the continental U.S.  I have also used my miles to get plane tickets for friends and family members.  When I went to Ecuador, I had enough miles for two other people.  I got their tickets for them, and in exchange they covered some of my expenses for a trip to the Galapagos Islands.  As a result I spent a mere $600 for two weeks on the islands, which are notoriously expensive!   If you read the October 2013 Issue of Travel Beyond Excuse magazine you’ll also recall Wayne’s story, where he was able to fly all the way around the world for less than $500. More…