35 Travel Grants and Other Travel Opportunities for Teachers and Education Professionals

Travel quote for teachersAs a PreK-12 or college/university teacher or administrator, do you want to travel more–yet struggle to find a way to afford it?  What if someone else paid your travel expenses and gave you a professional development opportunity that would enrich your classroom?   Many of these opportunities come with an obligation to contribute your learning in some way (via lesson plans, curriculum development, blog posts, research findings, etc) in exchange for your grant, but isn’t sharing your knowledge what teaching and traveling is all about? Continue reading


Free Travel Lifestyle Teleseminar Replay (with slides)!

My trip to Benin, West Africa.

My trip to Benin, West Africa. (The airfare cost me $86 from Denver & included several days in Paris on the way home–find out how in the teleseminar!)

If you missed my call last week, I’ve got the replay ready for you!  I’ve also added slides to it for your viewing pleasure.  Before you start watching, be sure to grab a copy of the free handout HERE.

In this call, you’ll see and learn:

  • About how I was kidnapped as a child and taken to Mexico (and a copy of my “missing” poster)
  • How I started traveling after finishing college, before I had even started my job
  • Three major lessons I have learned about travel, and how you can apply those lessons to your own travel plans to save hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Numerous tips for safety, saving money, and increasing your travel opportunities
  • Pictures of various trips I have taken around the world

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Survey Results

Results of My Travel Survey

(c) DepositPhotos/antimartina

(c) DepositPhotos/antimartina

I received an overwhelming response to the travel survey I put out recently–much better than I expected, actually!  Thank you so much to those of you who participated!

So if you are curious about what people said in my survey, I’ll share some of my findings and conclusions and a couple of stories.  (And by the way, if you are interested in this course, CLICK HERE.)

The results were pretty interesting.  On the first question, which was “How often would you travel abroad if there were NO obstacles standing in your way,” can you guess what the most popular response was?   Continue reading

The Day I Received 50 Books

The Day I Received 50 Books

Happiness of Pursuit BookDay before yesterday, while I was busy mixing mud for the earthbag house we’re building, UPS delivered three small boxes and two huge ones with my name on them.  I couldn’t recall placing any large orders in the recent past…

I washed the mud off my hands, picked up one of the smaller mysterious boxes and opened it.  Inside were five copies of Happiness of Pursuit.  My books had arrived!

A few weeks ago I pre-ordered 10 of these books by world traveler Chris Guillebeau, one of my favorite bloggers, intending to do a big giveaway on my website and very much looking forward to reading the book myself.

I picked up another small box, wondering if it would contain the other five books, but it only had one! Continue reading

September Giveaway! The Happiness of Pursuit

September Giveaway!  The Happiness of Pursuit

happiness of pursuit coverI’ve been following Chris Guillebeau for several years now via his blog, “The Art of Non-Conformity.”   His passion for travel (to every country in the world) and creating one’s own life (rather than living out a script provided by society) resonates with me, and I have learned from him.  I’m planning on attending his World Domination Summit in Portland next summer, barring unforeseen catastrophes or spontaneous trips to the other side of the world.

So it’s been with great anticipation that I’ve awaited the release of his new book, “The Happiness of Pursuit.”  I may have gone a bit overboard by pre-ordering 10 copies of it.  But I love his stuff so much that I’m pretty confident I’ll enjoy this book, which he says is his most challenging work to date.

The book, to put it in Chris’s words, is “about quests and adventures, including my own journey to every country in the world, as well as many other people’s quests. I wrote about incredible stories of real-life adventure and extracted the lessons learned by dozens of people who did amazing things.  The central message of the book is: a quest can improve your life, and here’s how you do it.” Continue reading

The EPoP Cooks Listener Challenge!

EPoP Podcast IconMy most favorite podcast ever is Travis Sherry’s Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast, and if you’ve been hanging around my website here looking for some good travel tips, then you’d definitely also love Trav’s podcast which always has a ton of them!  CLICK HERE to open up his podcast page and check it out.

So one of Trav’s recent podcast guests was Sasha Martin, from  A few years ago, Sasha set out to cook a meal from every single country in the world–all 196 of them–and she did it!  On her blog, she recorded her quest and shared all of her recipes.  Trav and Sasha shared a listener challenge on the podcast to get as many people as possible to cook one or both of two possible recipes.   CLICK HERE to open the show notes page for the episode on Extra Pack of Peanuts.  I was glad that both options were vegetarian, and chose to try the Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Arugula and Chevre, which comes from Argentina (I’ll attempt the Guinness Cake from Ireland some other day). Continue reading

September 2014: THE LAST ISSUE!

September 2014 Issue: Overcoming Fear
and Achieving Goals

September 2014 Issue

UPDATE: This issue is now available for sale in PDF format.  CLICK HERE to buy it now!

The September 2014 issue of Travel Beyond Excuse Magazine is live!  It is also the final issue of Travel Beyond Excuse Magazine.  Why?

I’ve been having lots of fun with the magazine, but have found that it takes too much of my time and resources away from other projects I would like to work on for my Travel Beyond Excuse readers!  A magazine, I have discovered, is really a project for a team–not an individual like me.  As Steve Pavlina so eloquently put it in one of this month’s articles, “To free up time and energy for future growth in new directions, you have to drop the merely satisfactory. This gives you a shot at the truly beautiful.” Continue reading

August 2014: Travel for Teachers

August 2014: Travel for Teachers


UPDATE: This issue is now available for sale in PDF format.  CLICK HERE to buy it now!

This month’s issue was compiled with teachers in mind.  As they return to their classrooms this month, I’d like to plant a little seed of excitement for the coming year.  How about a trip abroad next summer?  Not possible on a teacher’s salary, you say? I hope that the articles in this issue will convince teachers and others that not only is it possible, but as a teacher, travel can revitalize not just you but your classroom lessons as well.

As a fellow teacher, I have a special place in my heart for educators.   I also have a special place in my heart for travel, because I believe that the more we learn about our world and teach others about it, the less we will fear people who are different from us, and as the young minds of today learn to appreciate, understand, and tolerate those who are different from them, the world can be transformed into a more peaceful place.  Is this a trifle naïve?  Perhaps, but it is my biggest dream. Continue reading

July 2014: Bucket Lists!

July 2014: Bucket Lists!

July 2014 Issue of Travel Beyond Excuse MagazineHave you written out your bucket list yet?  What are some goals you’ve set for your life?  If you haven’t consciously set goals for yourself and made the minimal commitment of actually writing them down, the chance of success in realizing your vague wishes and dreams (e.g., “I wish I could travel more…” or “It would sure be nice to go to Europe someday…”) is sadly rather slim. The July 2014 issue is all about dreaming big and then getting out and taking specific actions to live the life you want.  If you haven’t read this powerful issue yet, don’t wait another day.

Inside, you’ll find the reasons and inspiration for writing your bucket list–an important step toward realizing your dreams.  You’ll read practical, actionable advice on how to write the list and how to actually move forward and achieve your travel goals.  Continue reading