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Travel Beyond Excuse is Changing!

Travel Beyond Excuse MagazineFirst of all, a big THANK YOU to all the loyal subscribers and new readers out there!  Travel Beyond Excuse magazine has been a really fun project for me, but I have an announcement:

Things will be changing around the Travel Beyond Excuse website soon!  I’ll be switching my focus more toward teachers, whom I want to help travel more despite their modest salaries–and I want to show them how!  Anyone is welcome to listen in, especially if you’re interested in traveling more on a small income.

The biggest change: I WILL BE DISCONTINUING THE MAGAZINE!  It has been an amazing experience, but I am going to focus my energies in a new direction, and some exciting new things will be coming soon!  Keep on getting great travel tips and updates from Travel Beyond Excuse by signing up for our totally FREE newsletter!

The last issue of TBE Magazine is the September 2014 issue, so if you’re a subscriber you need to unsubscribe once you get that issue.

Thanks again to all of you who read and support Travel Beyond Excuse magazine; I hope you will continue to follow Travel Beyond Excuse via this website and our free newsletter.  Keep in touch!

Lily Ann Fouts
Travel Beyond Excuse